Terms of service

  • When shopping to disable third-party extensions.
    The fact is that most extensions themselves may overwrite affiliate links, whereby all assigned cashback. Mostly it refers to such extensions like: Adblock, frigate CDN, as well as Aliexpress Seller Check. Thus, try to turn off all third-party extensions when making a purchase.
  • Incognito get nothing.
    When you make a purchase in incognito mode, then you will not be able to receive the cashback, therefore work out purchase exclusively in normal mode your browser.
  • Be online.
    In case you make a purchase over the phone or at the seller consultant then you will not be able to receive cashback. Be ready to make a purchase exclusively from the browser on your device.
  • Check out the shares.
    Before you make a purchase do not forget to get acquainted with a particular store action. In addition, if the store will provide an interesting and unique action the cashback, we will certainly give the opportunity to familiarize themselves with it.
  • Computer - a non smartphone
    When shopping via smartphone or tablet device is the likelihood that you will not be able to get cashback is quite low. This is due to the fact that a mobile version of the shops does not have the code, which tracks the accrual of cashback.

Extension for your browser

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How it works

In order to get access to your account you need to register. Registration is free and very convenient. You can track the amount of cashback and withdraw money, making purchases in AliExpress store. Registration is available one way: through social networks or email.

Installation extension takes less than a minute. Extension of our cashback service to remind the size of the discounts you can get by purchasing goods in a shop AliExpress, and will make the process of getting cashback simple and convenient.

To save through our service, you need only to make purchases at the store AliExpress in the usual way. Choose products, process, and pay the order.

Once you have purchased the product in the Aliexpress store, you need to log in to your account and fill out an application for the purchase. After confirming the purchase of AliExpress store savings to appear on your bill.

When the amount of cashback on your bill is $3. and more, you can send a request for payment. Withdraw money can be one of many ways (webmoney, QIWI, PayPal, Other online wallets or credit card)

The amount of the savings goes to the specified account.

For the comfortable using we developed the detailed instruction how to get a cashback and withdrawal


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