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Room Design and Curtains

The last and most striking touch to the decoration of each room is the perfectly tailored curtains. They should match seamlessly in the whole design, giving the interior a finished look. We will describe here in detail how to choose curtains matching wallpapers that would please the eyes and fulfill the intended purpose. Look up the home textile section on Aliexpress Germany site. You find here great items to add a comfort to your home.


Each room is special as for design ideas as its intended use. There are as many choices of window blinds as interior ideas. The modern designs of curtains are so numerous, that a person can get lost in their range. Picking up a fabric for a window has to be done in accordance with the color of the wallpapers and their shades. Also it has to be dependent on a pattern and texture of wall coating. Aliexpress Germany recommends the following blinds:

  • Firefly Jacquard window curtains heavy fabric

  • 2016 New Romantic Decorative Tap Rod curtain tulle

  • New Chic Beaded Curtain Crystal Divider Decorative String

  • Cute Heart Line Tassel String

The color scheme of the window curtains directly depends on the walls palettes. Stick to the same color, but use its contrast shade. For example, if the room is designed in pale mauve tones, the good contrast would be a purple color.

Conversely, if the room is represented by bright saturated colors, the window is better to be less saturated. Choose light pastel tone in this case. When everything is bright and vivid, there is no visually relaxing area, the room will crush and oppress your mood quickly. 

Combinations of Nature Colors

When planning a home color palette, use a combination of the tones, which are found in the natural environment. They quickly and easily associated:

  • Sun and grass, that is, light yellow and light green color

  • The combination of the coast: sea and sand

  • Combinations of the day and night

  • The contrast of the stars and the night sky

As for the combination of "sea – sand", the combination of light-blue and deep blue curtains on beige wallpaper background will look good. It is necessary to take into account the entire interior, and not the local areas of the room. Do not forget to use Aliexpress discounts while shopping for home decorations with Aliexpress Germany.

There can be combinations of three colors, for example, a fire provides us a combination with three colors: yellow, orange and red. Following this direction, you can select the yellow curtains to orange wallpaper, and add a little red tint to the interior. Choosing the curtains on Aliexpress Germany site is easy and pleasant due to the well-thought organization of information.

Old fashion that assumes to make a room lighter, to saturate it with light applying the white curtains, did not lose usefulness up to modern times. The white color symbolizes purity, gives the room neatness and comfort. The right mix of patterns, wall coverings and blinds will give your home refined livability.

If the wallpaper pattern is based on vertical lines, it increase the room’s height. Then then pick up the curtains in the same style. The room with large and frequent patterns on walls should be decorated with mono-color curtains, which would pass light well and provide additional visual space. Selecting window decoration do not forget to visit Aliexpress Germany wallpapers or home appliances sections.

Combination of Textures

Under perfect conditions the density of wallpapers and curtains are often in direct connection. That is, the heavy textile or vinyl curtains match the same type wallpapers. For thin paper coatings the best possible combination is organza and tulle. You can make a multi-layered compositions combining tulle, strings and other types of window décor offered on Aliexpress Germany.

Do not forget that the dense curtains pass a little light. Such blinds on the shady side of the house could be an undesired choice for a living room. However, they may be comfortable when working at the computer or watching TV. Well-matched combination of curtains will make the design more beautiful and unique, but also allow a comfortable being in a room in a bright sunny as well as a cloudy day.