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To save through our service, you need only to make purchases at the store AliExpress in the usual way. Choose products, process, and pay the order.

Once you have purchased the product in the Aliexpress store, you need to log in to your account and fill out an application for the purchase. After confirming the purchase of AliExpress store savings to appear on your bill.

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Frequently asked questions:

How quickly can I withdraw the accrued cashback?

Withdraw funds accrued possible after the delivery of the goods and receipt. In some cases, provides additional verification by AliExpress store. After confirming your purchase, Cash Back amount will be reflected on your account and you can withdraw money.

How do I get cashback?

In order to get the cashback you need to register on our website and download the browser extension. With detailed instructions for obtaining a bonus, you can find under the instruction to withdraw funds.

What is cashback?

Cashback - a discount that you get a refund of the amount spent by purchasing products through our service.


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Curtains for Sleeping Room: Mini-Guide

Curtains are the main element that helps to emphasize the elegance and originality of interior. They create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort, give a sense of confidence and opens a possibility to have a pleasant time while being at home. The choice of curtains for a living room or a bedroom should be treated competently. They must be in harmony with the overall room style, design and match colors, prevailing in the room. The general perception of the room is largely depends on these factors. At Aliexpress Canada you can select all the home products you need to bring even more harmony to your home.


When choosing this type of home decorations you must start from the purpose of the space. The atmosphere that is created in them should make a person inclined to have a rest, switch to a positive mood and relax. The appropriate colors are better to be warm ones. They will make a bedroom or living room presentable and beautiful, give it a special charm and touch. Neutral shades of autumn should be chosen if the interior does not possess enough of calm and restrained mood. Buying home textile do not forget to find Aliexpress discount codes and apply at Aliexpress Canada.

For the living rooms, which style is close to the minimalistic, office-like design, blinds of cold colors would suit perfectly. Curtains of bright shades attract entire attention to themselves, stressing the excellent taste and the perfection of the chosen design solutions. Curtains of white tones will be an excellent solution for living rooms or bedrooms of a small size. They are visually increase the space, make the room light and airy. Aliexpress Canada recommends the following curtains:

  • 2016 Hot Sale Japan Solid Tulle

  • American rustic style for living room

  • String Tassel Panel Room Divider

  • Top Finel HOT Modern Rose Floral Tulle

Pick up the blinds for rooms with low ceilings with care. In this case, pay attention first of all to the clothes in a horizontal or vertical stripes. They visually raise the ceiling and add dynamics to the space. For large rooms it is best to choose dark curtains. They visually diminish the space, making it feeling more comfortable. If a bedroom and a living room are combined in one, then when decorating the windows it is important to take into account the factor of opacity.

Textile Type

Selecting blinds it is necessary to pay attention not only to coloring but also to the type of the cloth. The blinds made according to the design requirements, will not only emphasize the advantages of a room, but also will hide the flaws. The final choice of blinds depends on the financial capacity of a buyer, as well as a person’s taste and preferences. Do not forget that Aliexpress Canada has an abundance of colors and types of curtains.

Another main important criterion in the selection of curtains is the type of clothes from which they are made. First of all, the fabric should be dense enough to prevent the penetration of sunlight in the morning. Only in this case the desired comfort is created.

The right solution is to use of brocade, tapestry or muslin. These fabrics are perfectly washable, have excellent appearance, do not shrink, do not fade, fit harmoniously into the interior of any style, do not make windows look heavy.

Here are several practical recommendations from Aliexpress Canada which should be taken as a start point:

  • The items must add to the look of the interior, they should match the texture of finishing materials and add up to the selected design solutions.

  • They must repel dirt, do not collect dust and odors.

  • They should be easy to take care of. It is desirable that they do not crumple, and be ironed easily.

  • It is better to choose blinds from the dense textile. They do not pass light, thus creating a blackout, even at the brightest day.

Curtains must be suitable for the color scheme of the room. It is advisable to opt for a soft and natural shades. A perfect solution would be the product of dark-green, blue or brown colors. Too bright and saturated palettes should be rejected, as they would become annoying and cause stress. For small spaces the best alternative would become to curtains with prints. They are visually increase the space. And remember whatever the space is, at Aliexpress Canada you will always have the widest choice of curtains at the best prices.