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In order to get access to your account you need to register. Registration is free and very convenient. You can track the amount of cashback and withdraw money, making purchases in AliExpress store. Registration is available one way: through social networks or email.

Installation extension takes less than a minute. Extension of our cashback service to remind the size of the discounts you can get by purchasing goods in a shop AliExpress, and will make the process of getting cashback simple and convenient.

To save through our service, you need only to make purchases at the store AliExpress in the usual way. Choose products, process, and pay the order.

Once you have purchased the product in the Aliexpress store, you need to log in to your account and fill out an application for the purchase. After confirming the purchase of AliExpress store savings to appear on your bill.

When the amount of cashback on your bill is $3. and more, you can send a request for payment. Withdraw money can be one of many ways (webmoney, QIWI, PayPal, Other online wallets or credit card)

The amount of the savings goes to the specified account.

For the comfortable using we developed the detailed instruction how to get a cashback and withdrawal


Only in our service available in more than 20 ways for easy withdrawal of funds.

Accumulated cashback can be displayed on any of the e-wallet or bank card.

Also available are transfers to mobile operator's account with a minimum commission.

Average time of the transfer of funds to your personal account - no more than 5 minutes.

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Many goods

Shop Aliexpress is one of the largest online stores in the world and offers its customers more than 100 million products at competitive prices.

Savings on purchases

Buying goods in AliExpress store through our service, you will be able to return part of the money spent back and dispose of them at its discretion.

Several ways to withdraw

Get the money saved is simple and convenient, with a bank card or any electronic purse.

Buy goods in AliExpress store using our service and get some money back!

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Frequently asked questions:

How much money will I get from buying?

The size of cashback you can get by using our site, from 5 to 7% of the purchase price. The amount of cashback accumulated in your account is displayed in the user's profile, where you can log in after registering.

How do I get cashback?

In order to get the cashback you need to register on our website and download the browser extension. With detailed instructions for obtaining a bonus, you can find under the instruction to withdraw funds.

Why do Aliexpress shop need it?

AliExpress store pays a fee for our service to attract customers, which we gladly share with you.


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Life Fitness: Choosing Heart Rate Monitor

Among people who seriously does fitness, the appliances that monitor pulse are quite popular. It is a device that makes possible measuring and tracking the pulse during training sessions. While shopping for cardio monitors do not forget to use Aliexpress cashback.

The Importance of Pulse Monitoring

Knowing your heart rate allows you to select the optimum mode of cardio and strength training. Obviously, the pulse of each person is individual. To find out its value, it is necessary to measure the heart rate at rest. On average, this value should be around 70 beats per minute. With increasing load the pulse increases too. It can reach as high as 220 beats per minute. Work at a very high pulse if you are not accustomed to it, brings a negative effect on the cardio side. Remember that using Aliexpress cashback will bring you back a noticeable portion of money you spent on fitness appliances.

A person should know that imposing high overload and stress to the whole body must not be done without proper preparation. At the same time if the pulse during training session is less than 100 beats, then such a training session is not effective. In order to benefit from each workout, it is vital to learn how to measure the load and how to increase it. The heart rate monitor is the appliance that helps to manage this task. Consider to buy the following pulse rate monitors and use Aliexpress cashback:

  • XONIX Pedometer Heart Rate Monitor

  • New Life Men 3D Pedometer and pulse monitor

  • JW018 Smart band Bluetooth 4.0 Monitor

  • 2016 TTLIFE Waterproof smart monitor

  • SPORTSTAR Heart Rate Master

Buying with Aliexpress cashback is quite easy. Just register at Giving Assistant internet service and enjoy your discount at Aliexpress.

Calculating Heart Rate for Exercises

First of all, you need to find the maximum potential value of the heart rate for you. Based on it all the pulse readings necessary to be monitored within exercise are calculated. For this purpose the following formula is often used: 220 minus age in years is your maximal potential pulse. The formula is quite approximate and has no big scientific accuracy, as the pulse depends not only on age, but also on gender, body characteristics, physical preparedness. However, this simple method of calculating maximum rate settled down and is often used as the one to quickly estimate ballpark figures, which is in most cases is good enough to start with. Aliexpress cashback is applicable to all fitness gear purchases and is always paid as announced.

A more accurate maximum heart rate, you can find out with the help of various cardio testing methods and devices. The one approach can be a small test exercise complex: a light warm-up, jogging, then intense load for 5 minutes and the maximum load for 30 seconds in the final. Then you need to measure heart rate. But there are some nuances: the body of the same person may react differently to different types of loads. Therefore, you can conduct a few cardio testing bouts that differ according to the type of exercise performed, and select the maximum pulse of all the values obtained from tests.

There are the following readings areas that represent different types of load:

  • warm-up area, characterized by a low load where pulse rate is 50-60% of the maximum. It is recommended zone for newcomers and for those people who have cardio problems.

  • moderate load zone (60-70%) is an optimal pulse rate for cardio work, increasing heart muscle endurance and burning fat.

  • aerobic zone of increased load (70-80%) is intended for the improvement of strength and endurance and is recommended for professional athletes;

  • anaerobic zone (80-90%) is usually achieved at barbell training when the body is working near the limit of its normal capabilities and is recommended for well-trained athletes.

For best results and to keep the training regiment safe, it is important to be aware of your cardio capabilities and exercise in an appropriate pulse area to prevent excessive unhealthy loads, or conversely, weak and ineffective training sessions. To use Aliexpress cashback effectively, follow the simple rules on Aliexpress internet site.