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In order to get access to your account you need to register. Registration is free and very convenient. You can track the amount of cashback and withdraw money, making purchases in AliExpress store. Registration is available one way: through social networks or email.

Installation extension takes less than a minute. Extension of our cashback service to remind the size of the discounts you can get by purchasing goods in a shop AliExpress, and will make the process of getting cashback simple and convenient.

To save through our service, you need only to make purchases at the store AliExpress in the usual way. Choose products, process, and pay the order.

Once you have purchased the product in the Aliexpress store, you need to log in to your account and fill out an application for the purchase. After confirming the purchase of AliExpress store savings to appear on your bill.

When the amount of cashback on your bill is $3. and more, you can send a request for payment. Withdraw money can be one of many ways (webmoney, QIWI, PayPal, Other online wallets or credit card)

The amount of the savings goes to the specified account.

For the comfortable using we developed the detailed instruction how to get a cashback and withdrawal


Only in our service available in more than 20 ways for easy withdrawal of funds.

Accumulated cashback can be displayed on any of the e-wallet or bank card.

Also available are transfers to mobile operator's account with a minimum commission.

Average time of the transfer of funds to your personal account - no more than 5 minutes.

Why it benefit

Many goods

Shop Aliexpress is one of the largest online stores in the world and offers its customers more than 100 million products at competitive prices.

Savings on purchases

Buying goods in AliExpress store through our service, you will be able to return part of the money spent back and dispose of them at its discretion.

Several ways to withdraw

Get the money saved is simple and convenient, with a bank card or any electronic purse.

Buy goods in AliExpress store using our service and get some money back!

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Frequently asked questions:

Why do Aliexpress shop need it?

AliExpress store pays a fee for our service to attract customers, which we gladly share with you.

What is cashback?

Cashback - a discount that you get a refund of the amount spent by purchasing products through our service.

How quickly can I withdraw the accrued cashback?

Withdraw funds accrued possible after the delivery of the goods and receipt. In some cases, provides additional verification by AliExpress store. After confirming your purchase, Cash Back amount will be reflected on your account and you can withdraw money.


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Delivery of goods on AliExpress still raises the mass of questions from beginners. In spite of the fact that already several years millions of buyers successfully order goods to all the countries, the flow of newcomers with questions similar it doesn't grow scanty: how to issue delivery about AliExpress to my city (the settlement, the area, etc.) definitely it isn't necessary to pay extra something for free shipping, how to unite all orders in one parcel, how to monitor delivery and many others will quickly come. Also, if you for the first time on AliExpress, today we will tell about the choice of ways of delivery, advantages of this or that way and about tracking of a parcel in more detail. We will also describe in general a picture of delivery to AliExpress that you had general idea as all this is arranged and works. 

Types of deliveries at AliExpress 

Delivery at Aliexpress happens differently depending on the size, weight and cost of goods. But, generally it is subdivided to paid and free, and each buyer is free to choose what option suits him more. Also now on AliExpress there is a so-called Local delivery. It is delivery of goods to your region not from China, and from the local warehouses located in your country. 

Aliexpress Free shipping 

In the majority a case purchase of goods is carried out without additional payment for delivery and carried out, generally by the following post companies: China Post Air Mail — the post company of China transportations of goods with a small weight within 22-60 days. ChinaPost Air Parcel — the same Mail of China, delivery of goods weighing up to 20 kg. Hongkong Post Air Mail — mail of Hong Kong which will deliver goods weighing up to 2 kg. Singapore Post — mail of Singapore. Also there is a delivery of Sellers Shipping Method the Seller who is ready to sell goods without delivery payment, will surely specify that the goods of "free shipping" offered by them. This inscription is, as a rule, written above the photo of the goods offered for sale. And if such inscription is present, then it isn't necessary to pay extra definitely as the cost of goods has already included all expenses connected with its delivery. 

Free shipping from a certain sum 

Sometimes free shipping is possible only at the order of goods for a certain sum, for example, from $30. In this case the seller can not ship goods for the smaller sum at all, or to ship with surcharge for delivery.

Surcharge delivery 

In this case it is, as a rule, carried out as follows: the seller in shop has a coupon on delivery, you need to put it in the order together with the necessary goods and to pay everything together. Sometimes the seller asks to pay delivery with different way. Anyway it is necessary to read the detailed description of goods attentively. 

Free shipping about the country 

We have listed above some companies which carry out free shipping. All this are foreign post services. As a rule, in 80% of cases over your country delivery will be carried out by your state mail. In the Russian Federation it is Russian Post, in Ukraine it is Ukrpochta, etc.

How long free shipping goes 

That depends on a set of different factors therefore dispersion on terms now from two weeks to several months. In each lot approximate delivery period is specified. It is also for protection. In the majority of lots on delivery it has 60 days. If there is no parcel more than 2 months, then for the last 2 years it always meant that the parcel won't come absolutely.